Comparing past and present lifestyles

Watch the video and write a comment. What comparisons are being made? Do you agree with the advert’s message?

3 comments on “Comparing past and present lifestyles”

  1. Mcarmen Reply

    Life in the past was similar to life nowadays in some things,for example the daily routine and the type of food.
    In others things it is very different.
    Nowadays, there are many amenities. Life is faster than life in the past.
    Life in the past was healthier than life nowadays; people did a lot of exercise and activities outdoors in nature.
    People in the past talked over lunch but nowadays people use their mobiles or watch the TV.

  2. Javi Reply

    In the video we can see a comparison between the life in the past and today.
    At the beginning of the video, things seems very similar only with a few differences.
    The first difference is about the way to go to work. In the past it is very different from today. In the past the man goes by bicycle, and today the man goes to work by car.
    In the past, the man uses a typewriter but today he uses a computer.
    The lunch is the same in the past compared with nowadays. The traffic in the city is more crazy nowadays than in the past.
    In the past, the couple have dinner in the kitchen talking together, but today the couple have dinner in bed watching tv.
    At the end of the video we can see that some things never change like drinking cocacola.

  3. JUAN MANUEL Reply

    Oh , the coke is good. you can see the old man is the happiest in the world and coke is related with a long life.
    We can see great differences between the past and nowadays.
    At first glance life is the same, the two people get up out of bed, have breakfast, work hard, they have a family but it’s not the same in both lives.
    Life in the past is quieter, less stressful, he eats better, he is happier, he has time to stop with other people and when he goes back home his family enjoys more of his time.
    The person in nowadays is more busy, nervous, hasn´t got time to enjoy himself and when he goes back home , he has to have dinner in bed and he isn´t too happy.
    But the two people are happy because they drink coke-

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