How to learn any language in six months!

Watch this inspiring video about learning a language. What is your opinion? Do you think you can learn in this way? Discuss your opinions as a post below.

2 comments on “How to learn any language in six months!”

  1. Domingo Reply

    I have listened to the video.
    I don’t think I could understand everything that it tells us there. But I have to say that I agree with the lecturer.
    Well, He said we can learn English by:
    – 5 principles
    – 7 actions (in 7 weeks)

    For me, both are correct. If we use them, we can learn something about a language.
    But I disagree with this….
    In my opinion, if we are learning for 7 weeks we can defend ourselves when we are spending a weekend in another country, but we not learning this language.


  2. admin Reply

    I see what you mean Domingo. I think it’s quite interesting what he says about connecting images when you try to learn vocabulary. I like to make little stories to help me remember new vocabulary. Which of the actions or principles do you think could help you the most?

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