Paris and New York

Watch this beautiful video of these two iconic cities. What similarities and differences do you notice? Write your comments below.

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  1. JUAN MANUEL Reply

    I have no doubt that both cities are beautiful but at the same time different.
    I was in Paris fifteen years ago and its streets, monuments, museums and the history of this city were impressive. French people are different to Spanish people and New york people. The Paris buildings are different from buildings in New York. In the first city they are older than in New york.
    In this video we saw bicycles so I think París offers a public bike system that is better than the New York system, and this question is important to me. Another reason for Paris is that public transport is cheaper. A couple of things to finish, París is provided with a public health system and a quality of life that are better than New York.
    The only reason I prefer New York is the sports. If I had to decide which city to visit I would choose to visit Paris. No doubt.

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