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english free resources online. recursos online para practicar inglés

Free English Resources

Practice your English at home with these free resources. Below you will find a list of resources that we recommend. A little practice every day and you’ll see a big improvement.



Audio and video clips that will help you to understand natural English through series, the news, and free courses.


Podcasts, series and videos with activities to do before, during and after listening.


Practice listening to real English and complete the fun quizzes. You can choose the level and learn English in a natural way.


Practice listening to songs in English. Watch the music videos and  have fun racing to complete the lyrics.



Video interviews with native speakers in the street. Practice activities using language from the videos.


A mix of short video clips with a translation game.


Inspiring talks and presentations. Listen to short and longer talks in natural English, with transcripts, on a range of interesting topics.


A great variety of listening activities including dictation, comprehension, and gapfills.


Lots of different English radio stations. Practice listening at home, in the car or out walking.


Videos and authentic news stories to practice your English.


Find videos about travel, culture and the news and practice your reading skills at the same time.

Watch TV programmes with subtitles and enjoy listening to English.

ESL Bits

Enjoy listening and reading to short stories, novels and articles.

Speaking and Pronunciation

  Fantastic pronunciation dictionary. Learn how to pronounce complete phrases, not only words. Links to translation and definitions too!
Videos to help you practice your pronunciation. Record your voice and receive advice. You can also learn natural expressions.
You can use this page to organise a language exchange. Meet with a native speaker and enjoy free language practice.
Connect with other English students around the world to practice your speaking.
Information, advice and exercises to improve your English pronunciation.
Videos, and practice exercises with the most difficult English sounds and how to connect these sounds to improve your fluency.
Games and fun exercises to practice English pronunciation.

Improve your pronunciation through these fun games to learn phonetics.



Grammar and Vocabulary



Practice activities, videos and clear explanations of English grammar.


A very detailed library of English grammar resources and exercises.


Courses for higher and lower levels. Video, audio and transcripts designed to expand your English vocabulary.


Lots of exercises and activities for English grammar, as well as resources to organise and plan your learning.


A variety of activities to expand your English vocabulary.


Practice activities for all levels- accompanies the famous series of English learning textbooks.


Lots of games to help you practice English vocabulary and grammar.


One of the best dictionaries online. You can listen to examples of British and American pronunciation.


The Cambridge online dictionary, with good examples, definitions and examples of British and American pronunciation.


A great tool for discovering how a word is used naturally in English.

Exam Practice




Practice for the Cambridge exams. Exercises and advice on grammar and vocabulary.


Practice of English exams and the vocabulary and grammar necessary to pass.


Practice exams, including listening.


The official site for the Cambridge English exams, with practice exams and advice.


The official site for the Trinity English exams, with videos of past exams.


Practice exams and exercises focusing on the most difficult grammar and vocabulary.


Practice PET speaking part 3 and improve your writing skills.


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Video Blog. Wacth and listen to the videos and join in the discussion. A fun way to practice your english!

Videos blog

Watch short videos in English and join in the discussion!

Listening to English regularly is important to help you improve your English skills and writing has been proven to help English learners think in English and upgrade their skills. Don’t have much time? No problem. The videos are only a few minutes long. Just relax, watch and leave a short comment.


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